Sindy’s birthday

Sindy, kidney, 14 years old today.
Sindy, kidney, 14 years old today.

Dottie and I took Sindy out to lunch for her birthday and bought her a little gift. She is 14 now & it only the grace of God she is still alive. Pray daily for our children!

There are teams here who are working in many different areas of the construction and Dottie has a bunch trimming trees.

Kevin takes his first exam for medical school today. It is a series of tests & he is so determined.


Last night in my seminary class I spoke of how Daniel was taken into captivity.  It reminded me of what I have been doing here with the steps towards placing the ministry in the hands of my sons. When God told Moses to lay hands on Joshua Moses said that Joshua was one of his sons. That is how I feel about the young men & women raised here at Casa who will take the ministry.

God always chooses His purpose before He chooses the person. You and I are created for good works and God places a responsibility upon us that He had ordained even before our births. He empowers us to complete His vision for His purpose. As long as we realize it is not about us we can succeed. Once we think the ministry cannot function without us we have failed in His call upon our lives.

Someone said this must be a hard thing for you. Well, truthfully, it is but the easy thing is not always the right thing and God wants us to do that which is right not easy.