We moved over to Mark & Gina’s & began packing for our return to Casa.

Wendy is in the hospital as her catheter quit working.

We had lunch with our son, Chad. Then visited with our grandchildren & great grandchild.

These are the newest additions of Lee and Candy's dorm.
These are the newest additions of Lee and Candy’s dorm.
Emily, our newest grandchild
Emily, our newest grandchild

A prinicple to live by is to GIVE BETTER THAN YOU GET! Dottie has been a master teacher of motherhood & wifedom(?). She taught me years ago that giving better than you get is giving to others what she, herself, needs. Dottie has the qualities of kindness and acceptance as powerful as anyone I have known.

It is difficult to have an argument with Dottie or to have a fight with her. She serves others to such an extent that everyone is drawn into her love circle. She has turned many a negative and even volital situation around simply by manifesting the quality of giving better than you get.

She treats me the way she wants to be treated so there is never any quessing in our relationship. Her needs are so easy to meet because she manifests the love, patience, kindness and generosity of Christ. I see in her what I would love to become.