Nothing is small to God

Mariella (and Mario) had their baby girl. She is EMILY and weighed 5lbs 10 ozs.


There is a large team from Southwest Christian School (Texas) at Casa.

Four new children arrived with 2 going to the baby dorm and 2 to Lee and Candy.

It is a habit now that when I come to the states in February the bank in Guatemala gives me problems with my account. Sebastian went to Sumpango & we were able to get the banking done.

Then I had trouble with this update so I am sending it early (sorry) so I can get it to you tonight as I leave very early tomorrow for Athens AL and ist Union Baptist.


Teen boys leadig Sunday praise and worship
Teen boys leadig Sunday praise and worship
Unloading the x-ray machine
Unloading the x-ray machine

Years ago I received a $1 love gift each month from a mentally challenged child from Lafaytte. After a year or so she added a note saying she was sorry it was so small. Over a few years that $1 totaled over $50.

I am teaching the Minor Prophets in our Bible seminary classes and I love it. So much of their writing was during the exiles in Assyria and Babylon. A man of God named Zerubbabel wanted to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. He was fought on every hand and entered into depression. So God had the prophet Zechariah write these words in 4:10 “For who hath despised the day of small things?
for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven;
they are the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro through the whole earth”.

Zerrubbabel felt what he was doing was only amounting to a small thing. But God saw it differently.

Jesus was preaching and the people were hungry. A little boy whom nobody would have considered being worthy to notice gave his few fish and loaves of bread and his story has been told for 2000 years. He gave what he could and what looked small to the disciples was gigantic in the eyes of God.

An elderly woman entered the temple and dropped in a couple of coins and went on onto the services. Jesus ‘heard’ the gift and said “She has given more than anyone because she gave out of her need”. For 2000 years her story has influenced millions of Christians to give billions of dollars to the work of God.

Spiritual size and physical size are totally different. I can measure my weight,height,etc but what can I use to measure my love or my joy or my peace? That measuring stick cannot be found.

It has been said that no project is so great that it does not need God and no project is so small that it does not interest God.

If I had only 5 children at Casa instead of 400 it would still be large in the eyes of God. Quit measuring what you are doing. Just please God!!