From, To, With, Against

One of our college girls was attacked, beaten & raped and was in the hospial over night. She was leaving class when two gang members grabbed her. Without Christ a person is capable of the the cruelest and most vile of all conduct. She is devastated & your prayers can lift her up.

The team of 77 young people from Fayetteville have just descended upon our children with love and fun for all. They had a game night with our high school & college students.


Girls leading worship in school
Girls leading worship in school by performing a drama


One of the things that I appreciate about the word of God is that the men/women God tells us about were real people. They were not walking the earth with a halo over their head & an aura that made them appear to be super spiritual. In fact, the majority of characters in the Bible were just like us and those around us.

Jonah was such a man. Here is a prophet that God will use to bring an entire culture to the Lord. We read his story concerning a whale and the the city of Ninevah. Jonah looks so much like me. Jonah ran FROM God in chapter 1, TO God in chapter 2, WITH God in chapter 3 and AGAINST God in chapter 4.

He was constantly undergoing an attitude adjustment wasn’t he? Guess who else must have his attitude adjusted frequently? ME!! I read and study the Word meaning that God is building character into my life but then God brings testings and difficulties into my life to adjust who I am and how He can use me.

Since we all fail this story of Jonah is a whale of a tale for us to adjust our attitude. God gave Jonah a job to do just like He has given to us. He did not like his assignment from God so he tried to run from the call. Running lead him to fear as he was caught in the storm. His problem came because he refused to hear. He did not want to obey God in the task before him. He preferred an easier assignment.

Hang on!