Cannot outrun the Lord

My physician wanted me to have an -ray & an MRI on my back. I had the x-ray today. Oscar will have an MRI on his knee tomorrow also.

One of the requirements for our license is a photo card of all employees which Tim & Jacob began doing today.


It is nice to be young and strong
It is nice to be young and strong


Jonah ran from God but he could not escape God. David had tried the same thing. Psalms 139:7-12. So many Christians run from the call of God and towards what they desire in life.

Jonah 1:3 says he “found” a ship. Satan will always have something out there you can “find” that you believe is the answer. Men “find” the wrong women and women “find” the  wrong men. We “find” alcohol, drugs, fame, money or some other thing the devil provides and we are stupid enough to use as a substitute for what God has for us.

Anytime you want to run away from God the devil will have a boat waiting. The convenient way or easy way is not necessarily the correct way.

A poem reads: ”

Follow the path of least resistance, That’s what rivers do.                                                                                        Of course that’s what makes them crooked and it will do the same for you”

The Bible says Jonah PAID the fare for his boat ride. We always have to pay when we run from His call.