Estela had an emergency cesarean section done and the baby is a healthy 5 pound girl. She & Andres are so happy. Grandpa is too!!

The first semester grades came out today & the vast majority did very well. There were a few disappointments but overall I am pleased.

My x-ray was better than I expected. We did the MRIs & will get the results tomorrow.



Satan provided a boat for Jonah although he paid the price. Soon a huge storm arose and it was so terrible that it frightened the sailors. By the way ANYTIME a Christian tries to run from the call of God on his life there will be a storm or two awaiting him. God will discipline those He loves.

I read where Dunaway said “There may be suffering without sinning but there will be no sinning without suffering.

Now the sailors start to cry to their different gods. When the storm continued they began to throw things overboard to appease the false gods. The strangest thing is that Jonah is fast asleep. He was the only one who knew the Lord and the only one without fear. Another thought is that Jonah had to WAKE UP in order to deal with the problem of the storm. You and I need to wake up to what is around us.

The sailors soon believe that SOMEONE on the ship was the cause of the great storm. God was upset with someone’s lifestyle. They cast lots to determine the bad guy. Proverbs 16:33 says “The lot is cast into the lap but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord”.

Now they know it is Jonah. They ask him to explain. He tries!!