An open door

We are so blessed as a plumbing company in the USA is providing the plumbing materials for the hospital and today someone emailed Tim to say they would provide money for the electrical supplies. God has so many kind &  generous children.

The x-ray machine donated by the Rotary Clubs in Alexabdrie, & Bunkie, Louisiana & Fayetteville, Arkansas has cleared customs and is on the property at Casa! Aleluya!

Today the entire school from kindergarten through high school is hosting an 8 hour Civic Program to celebrate Guatemalan Independence (Cinco fe Mayo).

We spoke at Field Agent in Fayetteville to the staff of Henry and hosted by Debbie. They have been friends for years and sponsor children at Casa. :eft and began our drive to Athens, Al where e will be at 1st Union Baptist Wednesday evening at 6:30.


Years ago Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a 6 word story. He wrote “For sale baby shoes never worn”. As a parent who has lost a baby I can say that is truly and entire story which Hemingway wrote.

Ortberg gathered a list of such “life” stories. “Cursed with cancer, Blessed with friends” and “Not a good Christian but trying”. He added what might have been said by certain Bible charcters. Here is his idea as to what their life story would have been if condensed to 6 words.

Noah “Hated the rain, loved the rainbow”

Good Samaritan “I cam. I saw. I stopped.”

Esau “At least the soup was good”.

Jonah “No! Storm. Overboard. Fish. Vomit. Yes!”

Mary “Manger. Pain. Joy. Cross. Pain Joy”.

“Not quiet what I was planning” could be the 6 word life story of many individuals. It is a challenge to think of your life in a short 6 words but maybe you can give it a try.



The x-ray machine arriving at Casa.
The x-ray machine being loaded for Casa.