When does life begin?

Bob and Larry have begun the woodworking, plumbing and electrical courses for the boys. They will learn how to do the simple repairs and maintenance for Casa.

Larry's plumbing class
Larry’s plumbing class
Bob's carpentry class
Bob’s carpentry class

Jessie received 3 new girls upstairs in Esperanza. They are Delmy 11, Nataly and Flor both 12.

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Have you ever read the following?

When I was a child I thought that life would begin when I became a teenager. When I was a teenager I thought that life would begin when I became 21. When I became 21 I kept hearing adults say that life began at 40. I could go on but the truth is that days come and go and we have not begun to live.

Turner says that life begins when you want it to. My life really began when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. It was then that I realized it was necessary to acknowledge Him in everything I did. I had to honor Him with the life He gave me.

Worry destroys the life He has given us. I learned that trusting Him was the way to walk. Life needs to be bathed in faith and purpose. I could no longer be afraid of failure. He called me therefore my life was His and He would bring all I needed if I were using that life for Him alone.