The worst of all curse words

Going to Children's Church
Going to Children’s Church

I am so close to finishing enrollment and the paying of the first 3 months of the university classes that I can smell it. But now the requests for textbooks, supplies and even some uniforms for those in medicine, engineering, etc. I will have to leave that on Tim’s shoulders.

Larry & Sue are back from N. Carolina.

The municipality threw me a curve. It was so complicated I went home & brought Josue’ to talk with them. Then we went to our lawyer & tomorrow we go back to muni & then the lawyer. Typical!!

Today is Duke’s birthday so Bob surprised him with a little party. He is from Alabama & came for a month to help with the maintenance. Great man!


Did you ever wonder what would be the worst of all curse words? Now do not go through your own list right now & fill it with garbage.

Since first becoming a Christian and rading Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” I realized that the words “I can’t” are the very worst words that can proceed from the mouth of a Christian.

We love the word “I” don’t we. I have; I want; I know; I will; I think; I went: I am: I did………and these words mean we sure do think about ourselves and our needs a lot. Each Christmas we give gifts to all of the children and many a time I have given an object to a small child that requires a little assembling. So many of those little darlings will not allow anyone to assist them. They says “I can do it”. Selfishness comes naturally to human beings.

When we are suffering from “I” disease we are totally forgetting and omitting God from our lives. It is sad how many Christians do not need God at all until their life collapses. Life without God is a life of frustration. This attitude is built upon the worst of all sins: PRIDE.

Pride is what Adam and Eve had when they disregarded God’s instructions. Pride is what David had when he sinned multiple times and covered those sins thinking no one had seen. Pride got the Apostle Peter into trouble.

The answer will be given tomorrow.