Candida, our daughter, and Kevin graduating from Nursing School.
Candida, our daughter, and Kevin graduating from Nursing School.

Kevin was #1 in his graduating class. He is applying for medical school.

The services were awesome at The Praising Place. This morning in Wadesboro when we woke up the ground was covered with snow. It was actually warmer at 30 degrees then it has been in other places we have been the last two weeks.Dottie & I are staying in Larry & Sue’s home while they are staying in our home in Guatemala with Michelle.

We bought $900 worth of underwear & will still need much more. The boy’s boxers are from 8-18 and the older boys from 28 -34. Girls bras should be mostly 34B but we need all sizes as well as training bras for the younger girls. Panties from 4 through 8 as well as for young girls are needed. Any team coming over the next few months can buy a handful of each as well as socks. That would help tremendously.


God says in Proverbs 13:21 that trouble follows sinners & blessings reward the righteous. We will always be attracted to relationships that suit our needs. Some women are attracted to losers. Some men are attracted to losers also. They find themselves in relationships that just repeat and repeat the same negative outcome.


The problem is not with the people we choose but rather it is HOW we choose our relationships. If you consistently choose people who let you down, disappoint you or cause harm in some way you need to realize that it is your choices and not the people themselves. The Law of Attraction says that wierdos find weirdos and happy people attract happy people.


You and I need to be responsible in the friends and relationships that we choose.