Mcihelle's birthday party
Mcihelle’s birthday party  

After church tonight in Rockingham we will begin driving towards Fayetteville, Ar. Pray that we will be blessed and protected as snow and sleet are predicted. But we must head west because we will be at Lakeview Baptist in Cave Springs, Arkansas Sunday morning.

What a blessing it is to have folks offering to bring things to Casa for us! Dottie and I have been able to shop for items we have not been able to carry for years.


My father use to tell me “Do something”. I believe that is why I was never afraid of work. When I was 12 I began a paper route that within 2 years included 6 daily newspapers. Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Bunkie, Alexandria, Opelousas & an afternoon paper. I stayed at my grandfather’s farm as much as I could and learned to milk cows, shear sheep, butcher anything that moved, pick cotton, grow vegetables, churn butter, can fruit, bale hay, deliver calves, drive tractors & graders when my grandfather had a heart attack while we were miles from home I drove him to the hospital which was 40 miles away. I was 12 years old.


Now that I am old and can look back with some sense of discernment I now realize my Dad was telling me to never be a quitter. Just do it! Do something! If you say you can’t then you are a quitter.


Some guy wrote the following:

There are people who do not know what is happening. There are other people who watch things happen. There are people who wish things would happen. There are people who prevent things from happening. A few people MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!


Don’t let someone else do it and rob your blessing. Do Something!!!!!