Principles of Biblical Success #14

The West Virginia team left after being such a blessing to us all week.

Adam & Vilma will go back to the states for 3 months beginning April 15 so that their baby will be born in Alabama.

Bryan had his surgery on his arm. Dr Rodriquez said it was 100% successful & he was able to come home Saturday night.


Construction continuing
Construction continuing

We will finish our principles for success as seen in the Bible. When I came to the border of Guatemala and Mexico in 1989 I was scared. I prayed to the Lord and told Him what I did not, talent, a legal covering in Guatemala, language, a place to live, etc. He responded with:

“What you have you need and what you do not have you do not need”. So the 28th principle is that we should count the cost. Luke 14:28 “For which of you, intending to construct a tower, sitteth not down first and counts the cost?”

It is not just finances that you must count. You must look at the time also. Are you willing to begin something that may take years to complete? The number of churches in the world where people said that they wanted to build a new church or whatever and then get upset and leave the church is beyond counting. So much of God’s work goes unfinished because people do not count the cost.

Finally, when you read Matthew 5:41 “Whosoever tells you to go a mile–you go two miles” you see that to succeed you must be willing to do more than is required. The attitude in the world today is “It is not my job”. Those are the people who quit. Those are the people who prove to be more of a burden than a blessing.

Count the cost and do whatever it takes and combined with the other principles you will be successful.