Passing the Baton #3

Our board meeting went extremely well as we spent 80% of the time speaking about me passing the baton.  It will happen at the correct time but it is time to begin the steps. Of course there was discussion of the hospital construction & projected number of children, etc. Mark & Gina were such grcious hosts.

Billy emailed to say that his high school girls were each tutoring a younger girl so that is “giving back” which is a necessary trait for a Christian to be a leader.

Family Life Sunday 9 & 11am and Abundant Life, Marksville at 6pm.

Wednesday evening at 6 we will be at Calvary Baptist in Fayette, Alabama.


Snow in the North and we will be in Charlotte, NC next weekend
Snow in the North and we will be in Charlotte, NC next weekend


If there is anything that I desire for my children to learn apart from salvation in Jesus is that they are created for a purpose. God has an eternal purpose for all of us. You are not the exception. If you are willing to run your race God will prepare you and equip you and show you your spot on the track.

What thrills me about the future is that each time the baton is passed greater things happen. When John Osteen handed off the baton to his son, Joel, the Houston ministry exploded into a global outreach. I have no doubt when I pass the baton Casa will go to another level. More children will come to Jesus and more ministry will be birthed outside the walls of Casa.

In a relay race each runner’s efforts are multiplied as each successive handoff is made. I am speaking of devine multiplication.  Remember those lowly and very few 12 disciples? Remember the 120 in the upper room! Remember the meager 500 who saw Christ after His resurrection? What has happened? BILLIONS have come to Jesus. That is the power of the handoff.

Had the disciples sat on their hands or had Joel Osteen thought Houston was just enough what would have happened? Hand it off!! Hand it off to the one God has chosen! Above all RUN YOUR RACE!! If you do not finish the race you drop the baton.