Love The Child


Steve & Cheryl Osborn have a ministry to babies near us. They are in need of  dormitory for 60 babies. These children are available for adoption but only in Guatemala. Cheryl provides early stimulation training but more exciting is they require the adoptive parents to spend 5 days with them prior to adoption. This is their opportunity to tell them about Jesus. Pray about what you could do to help get the dorm built. Their address is Love The Child. 108 Venus Road. Morgan City, La 70380.

Some of the girls doing aerobics
Some of the girls doing aerobics

I was watching TD Jakes on TV, his church has 30,000 members, when he shared about his daughter and the problems that she incurred at age 13. Later she came to him broken and asked how he could have loved her after her sin. Listen to his answer:

“I am your father and that comes before me being a pastor. The love of God is so great that it can be stretched without shattering.”

I love it! I cannot add anything to that. That is the love that God has shown me. How He can stretch it so far without it shattering is a miracle of His character. Don’t you just love Jesus?