How to measure life!

Candida and Kevin graduated as nurses and, sadly, Dottie and I were not there. They know how very proud we are of them.

We had an awesome day of worship & preaching at the Praising Place.

Dottie and I will be without Internet connection until Thursday so bear with us. Wednesday night we will be in Rockingham, NC at Roberdel Baptist at 7 pm. We will then leave from there and begin driving towards Fayetteville, Ar which is 16 hours across country.


God wants us to enjoy our lives. As a Christian who has been over 50 years in the faith I look back at the joys I have experienced  over hose years. The laughter has been much more frequent then the tears. The happy times have many times over covered the sad times.

Hundreds of children in Guatemala have broken my heart but many more children have blessed my soul.