The calm before the storm! Monday the classes will begin for elementary through high school. Some of the college students have classes with all of them starting by the week end. So we are still getting school uniforms, shoes, etc. Tim is working on the possibility of teams bringing school shoes or school supplies. If throughout the year each visitor brought one pair of school shoes or tennis shoes we would have enough for next year.

The block layers ran out of blocks by noon Friday. They are flying with the construction of the new hospital!

Bob gave me great news today. He asked if I wanted him to stay longer than a year. Of course I said “Yes” as he is a master carpenter as well as a dedicated Christian.


A man was packing for a trip while another man was nearby. Soon his suitcase appeared to be full but the fella who ws packing said “oh good! There is room here in the corner for a lamp, a guidebook, a mirror, a telescope, a book of poems, biographies of 50 to 100 persons, a pack of letters, a song book, a sharp sword and 30 to 40 more books”.

The other man was flabbergasted and said “You cannot oput those things in that small space left in your suitcase. That is impossible! How can yu possibly make those things fit in that little area?” He replied “It is very easy because I can put my Bible in that tiny space and my Bible is all of those things I want to pack”.

The Bible is our success Book. And by success I am not talking about large bank accounts, big cars or houses, fame or power. Success in the eyes of God is accomplishing everything that is included in His will for your life. God has a purpose for each of His children. Find yours and you find everything!!!!