Principles of Biblical Success #6

Angie gave her testimony at the Vigilia and Josue' translated.
Angie gave her testimony at the Vigilia and Josue’ translated.

It appears another crisis has passed as we do not have to be concerned by the authorities who were harrassing us. I felt like Nehemiah when the enemies surrounded Jerusalm to pester him as he was rebuilding the walls.

Sindy 2 is in the hospital with catheter problems. They have all suffered so much.



I hate the words “I can’t” and I even tell the children here at Casa that those are the worst curse words a person can use. It is self-destructive! When we say that we canon accomblish something we are telling God that He is wrong.

The 11th rpinciple of Biblical success is you MUST BELIEVE that you can succeed. Many athletic teams lose before they get on the field or court. Thay already have it in their minds thatthe ther teamis too good. But the reason we play the games is because there are underdogs who BELIEVE they can take don Goliath. Every year we see some small school upset a major university.

Appalacia State beat Michigan and Lousisana at Monroe took down Arkansas. I remeber my pain when Miami of Ohio whipped LSU. It will happen.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me”. It is all about Jesus and not about me. David would have been swatted like a fly had he not had God on his side. The Egyptians would have over run and consummed the Israelites and Moses had it not been for God.

This leads me to the #12 principle of Biblical success. You must DEPEND upon a POWER greater than yourself. Paul let the Ephesian church know that “Unto Him who is able to do exceedingly greater than I can ask or think”.

I do not have God. He has me! I am not holding on to the Lord. The Lord is holding on to me.  God is not interested in what I can do for Him or give to Him. He only desires that I SUBMIT to Him.