Principles of Biblical Success #3

Tim had an uncle pass away yesterday. He was only in his 50s. I am not sure if he will fly to Tampa for the funeral.

Marjorie finally returned from the hospital & Emmanuel was taken into surgery for the broken arm of years ago which was not set correctly.

We were blessed with 4 new children. Edwin, Abner and Jose Angel are all 12 while Jemely is 5.

Keiser dressed for the first day of school
Keiser dressed for the first day of school

The sixth principle of success that we find in God’s Word is MANAGING YOUR TIME. Ephesians 5:16 tells us to redeem the time. When we are young we think that time just drags along. We are so excited to turn 16 in order to get a driver’s license. Then we cannot wait until we are 18 so we can_______and then 21 so we can do even more____________.

As we age we realize that the hours are shorter, days shrink and the years are at warp speed. Every major decision I am currently making is with eternity in mind.It would be foolish for a 71 year old man to begin building a hospital without thinking of what will happen should his clock run out.

Waste of time is probably a top concern for CEOs and leaders of industry. Getting a full day’s work from today’s generation is difficult.

The next principle OBEDIENCE to the government. Romans 13:1 says  “Let every soul be subject to the higher powers”. I truly believe that a major reason for word problems is that we do not pray for those in authority. If we would pray as much as we criticize God would intervene. He tells us that if we would repent and turn from our evil ways and then pray He would hear the prayers. But honestly how many Christians pray for governmental leaders?