Fresh Start #5

 hospital consruction

hospital consruction

Walter spent time with a math teacher that we really want. Pray he will accept out offer.

I am so blessed to see how fast the hospital construction is coming along.



To have a fresh start we must first, stop making excuses and second, take and inventory of your life. The third thing we must do is I have to take steps in FAITH if I am to be able to have a fresh start.

For a new start you must step out into new territory. God tells us that the key to EVERYTHING is faith. Matthew 9 “According to your faith it will be done unto you”. Faith is not faith unless it is active. It is not what you say or believe that God will honor it is what you do in faith. He tells us to be a doer of the Word.

Pity parties destroy faith. Life is not unfair! That is an excuse that will hold no water to God. People today blame what happened 100 years ago to their family or their race or their nation and use it as an excuse to cry in their soup.

No excuses! Everyone suffers! Everyone fails! Everyone has hard times! Everyone has lost a battle.

Thomas Edison tried for years to make a light bulb. He failed at least 199 times before finding the secrete on his 200th attempt. Too many people quit because they fear they will fail as they did earlier in their lives. My first sermons were disaster. My first months on the radio were so ill received I quit. But Brother Barry called and said “Mike, you are a teacher. You are just not teaching what God wants you to teach”. I changed and now it has been over 35 years of a successful radio ministry daily in South Louisiana.

By the way that is one way I stay sane. Being able to teach 5 days a week in English has been a life saver for me. A true “Fresh Start”.