Fresh Start #4

Blessed be the Lord! They insertad the light & scope into Antony’s esophagus and when they entered the area where lazer surgery was to seal the varicose veins in his stomach they were shrinking. So surgery was not needed. They will check him in 3 months.

Add to our schedule Macedonia Baptist Church in Effie, La on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm on March 4th.

Christmas in dialysis
Christmas in dialysis


The first step in a Fresh New Start was to stop making excuses.                                                                  Second, take an inventory of your life. Galatians 3:4 “You have experienced many things. Were all of these experiences wasted?”

It is only with an inventory that you can learn from your mistakes. Hey, failure can be your friend! Do not allow your failures or faults to become your enemy. If you learn from your mistakes then you will be less likely to omit the same errors.

Years ago my son, Tony, when a toddler was told by Dottie to not touch our fire- place. It had a metal grill in front but he was determined to touch the fire. When he grabbed the grill it was so hot that it began barbecuing his tender skin.

After considerable medical treatment and a searing amount of pain for a week or two Tony never touched an open fireplace again. He learned from his disobedience, his stubbornness and his self-will.

God uses painful circumstances in our lives to shape us. He molds us into what we were created to be. He would prefer to shape us by other means.

When I was a child I learned that it was the same distance from my rear to my heart as from my ear to my heart. If I learned from my ear I did not need to be taught by my rear.

Discovering what does not work can sometimes be as important as learning what does work.`