Fresh Start #2

Say, "Chicken" for the camera!
Say, “Chicken” for the camera!
They eat more than they should
They eat more than they should


Marjorie took a turn for the worse last night.She was bleeding internally around the catheter. They are placing a permanent catheter in her today. She is in tremendous pain. Please remember her in prayer.

Then, in broad daylight Ezdras, the pastor here who married my daughter, had their car stolen in the village. It was parked in front of the municipality

A team from Fayette, Tn. arrived yesterday & a team from West Virginia arrives today.

Tim flew to the states.

Dottie is getting uniforms for all of the children. Did you ever wonder what it entails to get just socks, book-packs, skirts, pants, shirts, jackets, PE outfits, etc.? It is a chore!

Oscar, who recently graduated in architecture, begins a job as a supervisor in the municipality. Antony, suffering from varicose veins in his esophagus has his 3rd surgery today.


If I am going to truly have a fresh start in life you will need to STOP MAKING EXCUSES. I cannot blame others for my circumstances.

Other people can harm me. Other people can scar me. But the only person who can ruin me is ME!! I have a choice as to how I am going to respond to hurts caused by others. I must be responsible for my own failures as well as responsible for all of my decisions.

Proverbs 28:13 “A man who refuses to admit his mistakes can never be successful but if he admits his mistakes he gets another opportunity”. Now that means when we are honest as to our faults, failures and decisions God gives us a second chance—a fresh start.

If I am unwilling to admit my mistakes I will eventually fail in many areas. The husband or wife who thinks that they are never wrong will fail as a spouse. The parent who feels that they are never wrong will fail as a anther or mother.

In fact you can fill in the blanks: The________who feels that they are never wrong will fail as a _________.   Insert who you are such as employee or employer; brother or sister; teacher or student; pastor or deacon.

What causes me to not admit my mistakes? PRIDE! Pride keeps me from listening to godly advice from others. Pride causes me to self-destruct — it is EGO which stands for Edging God Out. We do not want to heed the warnings of the Word. How many Christians marry non-Christians? How many Christians live for things to the point of incredible debt? How many Christians DO NOT read their Bible daily? or pray daily?

Pride leads to failure and tomorrow we will look at what are the main causes of failure.