Biblical Principles of Success #13

Pastor Jose’ came by for money to finish a church. He informed me that we have built 10 churches and a home for a pastor in the last 12 months. God is so good.

West Virginia team repainting the entrance to Casa.
West Virginia team repainting the entrance to Casa.

I learned, #26, that if I am going to succeed I cannot live in the past. Paul tells us in Philippians 3:13 that we must forget those things that are behind. It is necessary that we forget both the failures and the victories. Any athletic team that dwells on either wins or losses will not focus as they should on the present. You can win a championship and fall very low the following year. Or you can lose a bunch and jump to the top of the heap the next year.

Matthew says that we should take thought only for today. This is tremendous advice for all of us. This morning I had a plan of action. I had to go to the municipality in San Bartolome’ to look for paper work on property I purchased 19 yers ago. My truck was stolen years ago and had those papers in them. God was so good & after 3 trips there and back and with the help of a kind government official I was able to get everything done.

I have no time to think of tomorrow.