THe Boomerang Beatitude #2

Chad had to take Abby to the hospital early as she was vomiting non-stop. The baby’s heartbeat is fine. She needed IV’s and stayed all day but was able to return in the evening..

Dottie woke up ill also. This just shows you the stress of Christmas when  you have 400 children to shop for.

The Lord’s Supper was celebrated tonight led by Candy’s drama team.It was so well done & the children responded. Another handful of teens gave their lives to Christ so we have had a great 5 days.



Preparing for the dinner and gifts for the older girls
Preparing for the dinner and gifts for the older girls

Once when I was preaching a child raised his hand and asked me “Papi, what do you want on your tombstone when you die?” It startled me and off-the-top-of-my-head I answered “Just write “He Was A Man of Mercy”. I believe in mercy. Of the hundreds of characteristics of God the only one it says in the Bible is new EVERY DAY is mercy.

This is what God exhausts on a daily basis. His mercy is new every morning. Why? Because we need it every day. And Matthew 5:7 says that if we give mercy we will rceive mercy. It is the boomerang beatitude. The more we give it the more we will receive it from God.

I struggle with mercy! Being merciful means that you are patient with other people. That is not something that comes easily to me. I Thessalonians  5:14 tells me to be patient with everyone. Rick Warrne wrote “Into each life a little weirdo must fall.” I have had my shaw of weirdos and being patient with them is not easy.

Antoher area of mercy is to forgive those who have fallen. Christians have been notorious when it comes to forgiving their own. When we hear of a preaacher or a church member struggling in their morals we are quick to attack them.

Someone said that the Christian army is the only army that kills thir own wounded. Peter struggled in this area and even asked Jesus how many times he must forgive others. Jesus said 490 but He was not really referring to counting to 490 but that we are to forgive innumerably.