Roses have thorns #3

Vick & boys running electrical underground
Vick & boys running electrical underground


I made two mistakes on my schedule.  On the 18th we will be at Calvary Baptist in Fayette, Alabamaat 6pm not in Pennsylvania and the name of the church in Rockingham, NC is Roberdel Baptist on Feb 2th at 7pm. Sorry about that.

On Sunday night March 8th we will be at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Lake Charles at 6pm.

We did not receive tennis shoes for the older boys this year and we did not receive either tennis shoes or school shoes for the girls so today I had to invest in over 500 pairs of shoes. That is a budget breaker!!


Thackery said “A good laugh is sunshine in the house”. Lenzkes said “Life is a gift from God and enjoying life is a gift we can give back to God”.

Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine”. When we were in college you can image how many guys wanted to date Dottie. She was a finalist for ‘Lady of the Bracelet’ which was a beauty contest for the prettiest girl at the university. A number of guys dated her and many others wanted to date her. She dated a few but in the end she chose me.

I was not the best looking nor the tallest nor the strongest and certainly not the smartest. When she and I became serious I questioned her as to how she could choose me over all those guys. Her answer provided the ammunition for me to use for the last 52 years. She said “I chose you because you make me laugh”.

I suppose being short, ugly, half-witted and a weakling is good for a marriage as long as you can make your wife laugh. Sadness is all around us but there is no reason we cannot see the lighter side of life.

Twenty-three years ago my best friend was killed in an accident. We had no phone here at Casa so I was unable to get home for the funeral. He was my best friend from kindergarten until his death at age 50. When I walked the property and thought of our friendship over the years I thought of the football games, athletic events, studying together, double dates, proms, sleep overs and much more. The bottom line always came to “He made me laugh.”

Laughter does not just work in marriage it can keep a friendship strong for more than 40 years.

When Dottie’s sister was dying from cancer 2 years ago I gave her the choice as to whether she would go see her while Martha was alive or go to the funeral. She wanted to see her sister so we flew to Monroe. One of the evenings we were with Martha and Bill he took Dottie upstairs to look at family pictures.

Martha had been a substitute mother to Dottie when their mom passed away.

Martha asked me to do some specific things for her and one thing she said was “You always made me laugh. Thank you.” That warmed my heart. I loved Martha. The world and especially Christians need to laugh more.