Rejection #5

Add Huntingdon. Pa. Presbyterian on Wednesday, Feb. 18th. On Wednesday, Feb. 25th we will be at 1st Baptist in Rockingham, NC and sandwiched in between is Sunday, Feb. 22 when we will be at The Praising Place in Charlotte, Nc.

Dottie is so kind. She spent nearly the entire day with kids cleaning, sorting and wrapping gifts for Christmas. I felt so bad that I just stayed in bed working on lessons on the Minor Prophets. It is hard to believe anyone has a kinder wife than I do.


Yesterday I said that today I would share 2 reason we should not get moved by the praise of man. First, People are Undependable! Remember with Jesus when He entered Jerusalm on the back of a donkey people screamed “Hosanna” and a week later were saying “Kill Him”.

Men will praise you today and persecute you tomorrow. I have seen this too many times in my life. People praise Casa and me and later have nothing good to say about us. Fickle! But the truth is if you hang around ANYONE long enough they will disappoint you. Psalms 146:3-4 says that we cannot put our trust in princes..they will disappoint you.

Second, the opinions of people are insignificant. When I stand before Jesus your opinion or the opinion of anyone else will have absolutely no influence on me or the decision of Jesus and the Father.

All that matters is the opinion of God for me.

I am relieved with that truth!