Rejection #4



Believe it or not we finished 98% of the Christmas shopping. Things we bought we will now wrap & some things will be iced up on December 20th. This will help with the stress.

Dottie & I will be at The Praising Place in Charlotte, NC on February 22, 2015. Add this t our calendar.


When I think of rejection I also think of the opposite and that is accepting the praise of man. We want people to accept us but here are some truths which are based on John 5:44 “Hiw can you believe, who receive honor from men and do not accept the honor that comes from God alone”.

In John 12:42-44 :

“Beware of the scribes…who go about wanting the praise of man…and do things to be SEEN of man”.

Frightening words aren’t they? We need to look within our hearts at our motives and ask ourselves why do we do the things that we do. Paul tells us in Galatians 1:10that if we do things to be seen of man then we are not doing it to please God. If we are seeking praise from any other source rather then the final praise “Well done thou good and faithful servant” then we are doing things for the wrong reason.

There are 2 reasons we should not seek praise from man and tomorrow we will look at them.