Elias had his transplant and is coming here in March
Elias had his transplant and is coming here in March


Josue’ did not make it in last night as his plane was grounded. But the airline paid him $800 towards another ticket & put him up in a hotel so he really suffered! But he has been given more responsibilities with Telemedicine so he continues to be favored by God.

Dorothy finished her internship in Jutiapa after 4 months so she is approaching graduation as a physical therapist.


You can never know how much I want my children here at Casa as well as my natural children and grandchildren to succeed. But success is not about money or fame. It is about good decisions involving Jeus and His will for their lives. Then I desire that they make known Jesus to those in their lives.

I want them to be passionate about Christ. Everyone is passionate about something. I have met people who are consumed by athletics. Their lives revolve around a college or a professional team of some kind. Others are passionate about a hobby or their field of labor.  What you are passionate about is where you focus your time and energy.

But what I desire is that my children would be passionate about Jesus. Jesus lived with an emotional intensity for His Father. All that He did was to bring the knowledge of His Father to those around Him. What made Jesus so intense was His desire for people to become disciples of God.

He referred to this act of discipleship as runing a race. The goal is to finish the race. In order to finish we must have a passion for running.

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