The boys in my house along with 4 of the college girls began at 6am putting out the Christmas gifts. By 9:20am we had given the hits to the four younger dorms and the dialysis children. Then it was time to begin cooking for the older boy’s meal. Dottie had a great group of girls to help her and it all went well,

The meal for the boys was excellent. They ate until their eyes crossed and then opened their gifts. By 8pm we were through cleaning and settled in to rest. A very long but very happy day.

Keiser told Aroldo that he did not have to take him to the hospital since he now has his own car. All of the dilysis kids are enjoying the little electric car.

Amalia will have an exam by a neurologist tomorrow. She is not doing well. Tim fell while working on the hospital last Friday but is doing well now.

And Lee’s mother died this morning. He was with her. This is a rough experience so please pray for him over the next few days. Candy is holding off her Christmas dinner for their dorm until Lee returns.

Both Luis and Jose’ are not doing well at all. They are both are needing extra dialysis and it causes them heave depression.

Waiting for the signal to open the gifts
Waiting for the signal to open the gifts