Cain and Abel

Josue’ returned from his 3 weeks working with the Telemedicine team in Georgia.

Elias, age 11, had a transplant & will come to Casa in February. When asked how he felt he answered “I can pee and it doesn’t hurt.” He is the very first kidney transplant patient operated on by laparoscopia.

I took 14 teenagers this morning to bag over 300 bags of candy and then Gladys used only Bubba and Sandra and marked all of the tennis shoes and school shoes for the children in time for Christmas. I still lack about 40 pairs of tennis shoes.

Marjorie on the left is till in the hospital and her catheter is not working
Marjorie on the left is still in the hospital and her catheter is not working


Herdsman (cowboys) and farmers have always butted heads throughout history. Wars were even fought over the fencing in of territory with barbed wire. As we begin the history of humans we see it begins with the shedding of blood by a cowboy killing his own brother who was a farmer.

After the murder God came looking for Abel and he asked Cain where was Abel. You all know his famus answer “Am I my brother’s keeper?” ¬†God stated “The blood of your brother cries out from the rave.”

Cast out of the garden and frightened to the point that he says that everyone who sees him will attempt to kill him he begs God and the Lord puts a mark on Cain telling the world of his sin and that his punishment by God will be sufficient.

In the chapter prior to his question to Cain “Where is your brother?” God had come into the garden and said “Adam where are you?”

I wonder if God is still asking those questions today? “Mike, where are you?” Where am I in my walk with God or where am I in my prayer life or in my husband/father role?

Does He also ask me “Mike, where is your brother?” Am I responsible to witness to others? Am I responsible for the souls of others? Cerainly I am!

When I leave this world will there be voices calling to me from the grave? “Mike, why didn’t you tell me about Jesus? Why didn’t you love me enough?