A Faithful Servant #5

Vick was able to do so much electrical labor for us in the school, baby dorm & addition. I loaded him down with mail to post for me when he gets home so he had no rest. Larry & Sue took care of him. They are from the same area of N. Carolina.

Angela, one of the older girls, had an emergency appendectomy. She is doing well.

The parents who had permission came at 7am and stayed until 4pm so our staff was on high alert all day. But Walter did a wonderful job of organization & 2 churches & a Lion’s Club came at various times with gifts and even cooked 450 hot dogs for the children without family.  The office staff and all the teaching staff came to help. So it was a very busy day.


Inspecting the hospital construction
Inspecting the hospital construction: Dilka, Evelin, Tatiana, Azucena and Tomasa


Matthew 25 says (1) What we have is not ours. Everything belongs toGod.

(2) God gives you the talents or gifts that you can handle. Responsibility is based on Ability.

(3) We must use , invest, everything that God gives us.

(4) There is an accountability coming for all of His children. Romans 14:12 tells us we will stand before God and explain what we have done with what He gave us.

So now look at #5 What we do with what we have reveals what we think of God. The two men who received the 5 talents and the 2 talents loved, honored and wanted to please the master. They wanted to bless their master by using what they had to the best of their ability.

But the fellow with only 1 talent FEARED the master. He saw the master as hard and not as loving and generous.

What I do with my life shows how I feel about Jesus. Your life is a portrait of your understanding, faith and belief of who Jesus Christ is.