A Faithful Servant #1

Chad & Abby are building playground equipment for the baby dorm as their gift to the children for Christmas.

I began making radio shows and need to make a total of 24 weeks worth of lessons to carry with me in February when we return to the states.

David and Priscila visited with their two children. She & her mother & sister were thrown out into the street 24 years ago. Dottie & I picked them up, brought them here & her mother, Amalia, has worked for me ever since.  Priscila has a professional voice, her own recordings & David has a Christian recording studio. Their story is truly a Christmas miracle.

David and Priscilla with their children.
David and Priscilla with their children.


When we read Matthew 25 starting at verse 13 we read where Jesus is speaking of His second coming. He uses the parable of the talents to explain our responsibility. He tells of the Master who is leaving for a long trip and calls three of his servants and blesses each with either 5, 3 or 1 talent. He tells them to use those talents to make an increase in the kingdom of the master.

Verse 14 makes it very clear that what we have is not ours. We do not own anything. Everything from the air we breathe to the natural abilities we have are gifts from God Himself. Property, money as well as abilities are gifts from God. We possess nothing and when we leave this earth we leave all natural things associted with our lives right here.

Verse 15 states “”He gave….according to his several ability”. This means He gives us what He knows we can handle. The responsibility we have matches the ability He has given to us. He will not ask more of us than He has given us the ability to accomplish.

The point we will look at the next few days is how do you invest what the Lord has given you.