Mingling with the world #2

Susi and me
Susi and me

The older boys were invited to a pizza party in Chimaltenango hosted by Mark & the tam staying at the Friendship Baptist Mission House.

I trust that some of you are praying about Dottie & I coming to your church in Feb/Mar. The response has been the weakest ever. We will travel anywhere in the continental USA. Add Church on the Rock, Pineville, La, Sunday, March 8th. 10:30am.

Dr Rodriquez came to the house to see Roxie & is pleased with her progress. She walked for the first time since the surgery. There are two older boys with broken arms that were never set correctly & he says that he will fix them both. They lit up with huge smiles when learning we were going to provide the surgeries for them. God is so good.


The beginning of the end for Solomon’s reign and the depth of sin and eventual captivity of the divided kingdoms began with (1) Israel began to MINGLE with the enemies of God. Psalm 106:34-35. To mingle simply means to her the same thing. ┬áSo instead of separation the Israelites shared in the lives of their enemies.

(2) The Israelites next LEARNED the ways of their enemies. Psalm 106:35. If you stay near a drunk you will learn to drink. If you stay near a cursing person you will learn to curse. We cannot Mingle without LEARNING. Solomon learned about the dumb, dead hand-made idols of their enemies.

(3) Therefore Solomon began to SERVE those idols and false gods. We become like whom we MINGLE with.

(4) Everyone who breathes can agree that by SERVING sin we next get SNARED and there was Solomon snared with 1000s of women who served the devil. Like an animal in a trap we have a noose around our necks. No way out!!

(5) Psalm 106:37-38 now tells us what surely is beyond natural belief. These verses told us the Israelites SACRIFICED their own children to the false gods. Corruption of their faith in Jehovah lead to destruction of family and nation.

Our children are our greatest gift from God apart from His Son Jesus Christ and sin led Solomon and Israel to kill the gift. Their worship of idols lead to the lack of faith, truth and relationship with God.