Judas kiss #2



Kersey proudly receiving her diploma from beauty college.
Kersey proudly receiving her diploma from beauty college.

One of our new girls was taken to court yesterday to give testimony of sexual abuse. Her father had abused her & when discovered he made the girl say it was a teacher in her school. The teacher was tried and sent to prison. But she wanted to tell the truth so Walter took her to court & the teacher will be released after more than a year & her father was arrested.

Dottie & I will be in Rockingham, NC on Wednesday evening February 25th.

Roxie has a small problem with her surgery & Dr. Miguel has to go in to the foot again. Simply surgery.



As I wrote yesterday when someone you love deceives you or lies about you it shatters, humiliates, degrades and breaks your heart like nothing else can do.

Sadly, when this happens we have the tendency to simply say “I will never allow that to happen again.” Therefore we just refuse to get close to anyone because we are not about to allow that person to hurt us like others have done. When I was not very faithful early in my marriage Dottie withdrew from me for 3 years. She would never tell me she loved me because she had been betrayed and so she just was present in body but far, far away in emotions. It was a terrible time for me.

But I persisted and eventually dottie realized that I had changed and I would never harm her like that again. She had felt betrayed, rejected and humiliated by my actions. Her feelings were that love means you get hurt and disappointed by the person to whom you give your heart. When she was a high school junior the boy she loved graduated and went to college. Although he promised her he would marry her eventually he found another person.

So the hurt of that relationship made Dottie very susceptible to my actions and the betrayal she felt was multiplied.

The beauty of my story is that 52 years later we love each other more than we have ever loved one another. If you weather the early storms the result can be wonderful.