Good friends #4

Veronica and Ana
Veronica and Ana

Yesterday was shoes and today we bought blue jeans for the boys.

The girls have been helping us wrap gifts.

Victor Hugo & Celia went to the states with her sponsor.


Paul had many characteristics, some good and some not so good, but certainly from Paul we can learn that a GOOD friend will tell you the TRUTH. In Proverbs 27 Solomon uses the word “friend” 6 times in 27 verses. The first time he uses the word, friend, he says “The wounds of a friend can be trusted.”

Truth sometimes is very painful. We never want to think that we are not good husbands/ives or children or employees/employers so when someone tells us we are less than what we envision ourselves to be it is painful. But you cannot grow without the truth.

So what have we learned about Good Friends”

1. A godly friend will fit into God’s plan for you.

2. A godly friend obeys God even under pressure from others to do the opposite

3. A godly friend is loyal even when we fail

4. A godly friend prays for us

5. A godly friend is hospitable

6. A godly friend holds us accountable