Good friends #3

Teaching the girls to make their bouquets
Teaching the girls to make their bouquets


We began shopping in earnest for Christmas. Dottie and I purchases 140 pairs opt black shoes for the girls. We located a place to purchase jeans for the boys/ And we bought a few gifts for the younger children’s dorms. It will keeps busy until Christmas.


We have seen that the first 4 friends Paul mentions whom God sent into his life following salvation were Tychicus, dependable, Onesimus, trustworthy ,Aristarchus, steadfast, and  Justus, loyal. Now we see the final two friends. Number 5 is Epaphras who we see is a man of prayer. Paul says in Colossians 4:12 that Epaphras prays constantly for others. He is interceding in prayer for the brethren. Paul even refers to his manner of praying as fervent meaning in a battle. So Paul sees this friend as one engaged in a battle for the souls of others.

The final friend Paul mentions is Nympha whom he describes as a hospitable friend. She is mentioned in Colossians  4:15. Hospitality can be translated as the love for strangers. This indicates a happy, compassionate and approachable person.

So Paul was surrounded by all the “types’ of friends we all need.