Good friends #1

Josue’ passed his orals so has graduated from the university as a Graphic Designer making him the third college graduate from Casa the last 6 weeks. Oscar, Billy and now Josue! I am a proud Papa.

Just as wonderful is the fact that Jose’ in dialysis graduated from Junior High. He is 17 and was never expected to live this long. Our God is a Loving Father.

quinceaners presentation
quinceaners presentation


Paul made it clear in his letter to Timothy that he had lost many friends when he shoe to follow Jesus. If that were the end of the story all of us would be saddened by the prospect of abandonment by friends. However, Paul tells us later that God gave him many new friends and he speaks of a number of them.

He mentions in Ephesians 6:21 that “Thychicus, my good friend, will tell you what I am doing..he is a dependable servant of the Lord”. When seeking friends make sure that high–high–way-up-high is dependability. In Colossians 4:7-8 Psul refers to Tychicus as someone Paul sends out to COMFORT the hearts of others.

Every Christians needs someone in their life that will encourage them and comfort them and be there for them. Having a Godly friend will not only enhance your life but will help you to stay on track and find the will of God.

A second friend Paul refers to is Onesimus who had been a run-away slave. IN Colossians 4:9 Paul says “Onesimus is one of you nd has become a trusted and dear brother”. All of us need a friend in whom we can trust. Onesimus humbled himself in order to follow the Lord and make things right with his former owner. He had stolen from the slave owner and Paul told him he would have to make it right in God’s eyes.

He could have run at any moment. Paul trusted him to return to the slave owner and repay him and testify to him. He did exactly that.

So DEPENDABILITY and TRUSTWORTHINESS are the first two characteristics of a “good” friend.