4 types of friends

Dr Lou came today with the lawyer who will get the license and write the binding contracts to protect us as well as him & Roosevelt Hospital once we have critically ill children here. He had what could be very positive news as to dialysis machines as a new company has started up in Guatemala. They have a great reputation in Mexico. Dr Lou said we can save 30% on dialysis machines & materials.

Dr Rodriquez, my surgeon, who operated on my granddaughter, Roxie, came to check on her progress.

Evelyn's dress was beautiful
Evelyn’s dress was beautiful
Some of the graduates celebrated together
Some of the graduates celebrated together

Most studies of friendship show that there are 4 levels of friendships that are most common.

First, there are acquaintances. These are people in our lives with whom we seldom have contact. We just do not invest much time or effort into the relationship.

Second, there are Casual friendships. These are relationships where folks have things in common but often superficial. For instance, most churches are filled with these friendships. We go to the same church but there is no intent to know the other person very deeply. We could say the same thing about casual friendships due to being from the same state or town or supporting the same athletic team.  But there is little commitment or loyalty.

Third, there are Close friendships. These friendships are those that feel comfortable. You feel that you can trust the other person, share things that will stay only with them, speak freely about our fears, diseases, marriage, children, etc. When we feel sad or discouraged we can reach out to that person and normally do very quickly.

Forth, there are Intimate friendships. These friendships are rare. We call them “best” friends but some of those relationships do not endure. True intimate friendships are based on transparency. Your deepest secrets are safe with them. You feel this person will never judge you or harm you. How wonderful it is when you have an intimate friend that is committed to helping you develop your potential and reach your goals. These are people that have no jealousy of you and want only the very best for you.

An intimate friend is someone who says when everyone else leaves!!!!