Tricks of Seduction


My blood pressure was 190/80. I cannot figure out why.


The civil wedding for Estella and Andreas was short and sweet.IMG_3033


What started the downfall of Solomon was when he married one of the daughters of Pharaoh (I Kings 3:1) although God had forbidden Israelites from marrying pagans. Deuteronomy 7:3-4 “You must not intermarry with them. Do not let your sons and daughters marry their sons and daughters for they will lead your children away from Me to worship other gods”.

Atteberry states that Satan is able to seduce us with the use of 6 different methods. First is alcohol. When people drink they cannot see clearly what is happening to them in the moment. The major reason for fatal car accidents is alcohol. Decisions are not made clearly and disaster occurs.

Second is what he calls privacy. Boy do we ever do stupid things when we think that no one i looking. The “I cannot get caught. No one will know” seduction by Satan is powerful. Temptations come in pretty packages.

Third is financial stress and benefits. People will do almost anything when they need money. Some girls work in professions where females are demeaned but “the money is good”. Of course people cheat in business or on their income taxes, etc.

Fourth is popular opinion. When Pharaoh came up with the proposal for Solomon to marry Pharoh’s daughter poor old Solomon took the bait. Today sin is not called sin. What were horrible, sinful actions a few years ago are now popular. There is no longer stigmas attached to homosexuality, divorce, etc. So we fall for Satan’s lie “Everyone is doing it”.

Fifth is what he calls moderation. Remember when Bill Clinton said “Oral sex is not really sex so I did not have sex with that woman”? A little sin is still sin. Oh I can drink a little. I can flirt a little. I can steal a little. As long as I don’t overdo it things will be fine. But one little taste of pleasure leads to bigger tastes.

Finally is peer participation. You watch someone you consider to be a friend (a peer) and they are having so much fun so you think it may be ok for you also. What you think is that if you get caught you can simply say “Well he is doing it so it must be ok”.

Without discernment from the Word of God you can easily fall into these seductions.