The keeper of my soul #9

[caption id="attachment_4657" align="alignnone" width="168"]One of her bruises One of her bruises[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4658" align="alignnone" width="168"]Another look at her scars Another look at her scars[/caption]

We received two girls today and one was beaten severely with wire. Her body is covered with scars.

So much is happening. We finished a pastor's home this week & will finish another church next week. Then we will begin another church as people continue to support the church building outreach of Casa. But also a Rotary Club in Tennessee along with some medical folks are going to double the size of our clinic on the front property. This clinic is for our general population but expanded will be available to the public.

A team from Huntington, Pa. arrived today.

While in the states twice a year Dottie and I both struggle with our weight. We promise each other that we will eat sensibly and yet when we are with folks in restaurants or in their home or a church dinner-on-the ground something happens. The habits we have had seem to rise up and bite us in the stomach.

The body, will and mind fight against our soul. Each of those three want to reign supreme. Sin is no just the bad things we do it is also the good things that we do not do. My health is important to me. The desire that I have for the children here as well as the hospital, etc. does not allow me to misuse my body and allow years to be taken off of my life because of a stupid habit. I am at war. My body desires more food than I need and it all tastes so good. My will and mind are so weak so it is only in the soul that I can become victorious over my desire to over eat.

In the legal world there are misdemeanors and felonies. But in the Kingdom of God there are no misdemeanors. Sin is sin to God and all sin is equal. Therefore I cannot compare myself with anyone else. I am no better. Before I was saved I literally prayed that at the Final Judgment Adolf Hitler would be in front of me and Josef Stalin behind. I figured that God would be exhausted with the sins of Hitler and when He came to me He would see Stalin waiting so He would let me slide.

Sadly that is not how it works. Paul taught you and me so much. When he said that he was "the worst of all sinners" he was not saying that he studied the lives of all sinners and saw that he was in last place. What Paul was saying was that we can no longer compare ourselves with others for we are all EQUAL sinners in the eyes of God.

The eternal punishment may be different but the guilt is equal.