The keeper of my soul #8

Billy graduates November 11 with his Business Administration degree
Billy graduates November 11 with his Business Administration degree. He and wife Olga are house parents in Doncillas.


I am blessed! Not only are people helping to make the hospital a reality but those who have helped monthly to provide dialysis for the children we currently have but folks are still helping us to build churches. In fact more gifts for church building have come in the last 3 months than ever before. So many good people!!

Did you realize that there were 2,402 abortions in the USA today? Since 1973,  57,252,623 babies have been killed in the USA and worldwide 1,351,091,963 have lost their lives. How different would it be if those children had grown to be part of the human race? Would there have been great preachers, teachers, etc in that vast number?


Jesus taught in the parable of the sower that God spreads His Word EVERYWHERE and to EVERYONE. We saw yesterday that some people have a hard heart but I know that a seed planted in the heart will grow. Nothing is impossible.

The second type of soil (soul) is the shallow soul. Jesus records that some seed fell on rocky soil. The seed (Word) was fine and dandy until the sun came out. But the emotional person can survive on emotions just so long. Satan applies heat and the shallow soul will melt and retreat. Superficial faith will not endure.

I have heard so many stories of successful Christians until a tragedy occurs and then they turn their back on God. You can bank on one thing as a Christian and that is your faith will be tested. When there are no problems all is well. I have health, family, job and finances, etc so I can shout and sing praises to His name.

But what happens when you lose a family member or your job or your health? When then happens if we are not filled with His Word is that we begin to focus on ourselves. That means we no longer see the main strength in our lives is our soul. We no longer feed the soul and so the mind, will and body suffer.

You must be conscious of others. You must be conscious of eternity. You must be conscious of the temporary existence we all have upon this earth. You have no depth until your soul is conscious of God and His plan for you.