The keeper of my soul #7

The boys helped the block layers pour cement for the second floor on the visitor’s addition. When finished we will be able to sleep nearly 150 visitors in just the three visitor dorms.

We will start construction of the kitchen for the hospital next week. Things are going quickly.

Older boys mixing and carrying cement
Older boys mixing and carrying cement
Felipe pouring cement for the second floor.
Felipe pouring cement for the second floor.


As I said yesterday we have replace SOUL with Self.  SELF thinks only of itself while SOUL thinks of eternity.

80% of college students say that their number one goal in life is to make money. One think that make John Kennedy so popular was that he got the USA to start thinking about others. The Peace Corps and other such programs made Americans look at their neighbors and eventually their over-seas neighbors also.

Salvation is not about a DESTINATION. If you believe salvation is a ticket to Heaven then you are in error. Salvation is about WHO YOU BECOME.

In the parable of the Sower you see the generosity of God. Jesus says that the sower sowed the seed EVERYWHERE. He wants everyone to know Him, His heart, His plan for their lives. The open soil (soul) is life whereas the closed soil (soul) is death. Remember the first soil(soul) is the hardened one. So many people are just not open at all to hearing the Word.  They form a protective bubble around themselves. The Word has tons of examples of people who allowed their hearts to get hard.

Joseph’s brothers hardened their hearts toward him as did David’s brothers.We see Easu hardened towards Jacob  and what about Cain’s hardness towards his brother Abel?  Maybe you have been hurt by someone or disappointed in some area of relationships.

I once was offended deeply by someone I loved and later I came to understand that what I was feeling was really FEAR. I was afraid of being unloved, rejected and unwanted.

Years ago my father poured a concrete patio in our back yard. My mother told him to dig deeper and get all the acorns out. He ignored her. Seven years later or so an oak tree broke through the concrete. One seed can break a hardened heart so never quit witnessing and living Christ in front of even those who are hard hearted.