The keeper of my soul #5


I am excited to tell you that Adam & Vilma came to tell me the Lord called them to care for the girls in Estrellitas.

Celia visited Victor Hugo in the hospital & they sent him home. Go figure!!

A new girl, age 13,  arrived very early this morning & she had 2 suitcases. I read the court report on her and this was a first. She told me she wanted to go to school but her parents said no. She went to work and made money for uniform, tuition and books only to have her parents BURN everything. They “RENTED” her to a woman to work for her who then physically abused her. Thus she is here.

Tatiana moved into my home today and will replace Estella when Estella is married on November 1st. This gives her time to adjust to Michelle & learn of Estella’s duties.

We began buying Christmas gifts again today.

Dottie & I will have our next trip home February 10 – March 12, 2015. If you desire us at your church call Debbie at 855-337-1286 or email me here at


All humans have a soul, a body, a mind and a will. The body, mind and will of man is easy to define and most people understand those three without much trouble. But what is the soul?

The simplest definition that I have read is “The soul is the deepest part of us, it is the whole person”. In Acts 27:37 when the ship was sinking Paul wrote “We were all in the ship 276 SOULS”.  The soul is what makes us entire, complete and totally integrated. To me SOUL means HARMONY of ALL of ME. The soul is what brings my intentions, my thoughts, my feelings, my values, my conscience, as well as my body.

Jesus said “What will it profit Mike Clark if he gains the world (much money, great body, tremendous mind) and loses his soul?” You need to insert your name where I have mine. Jesus knew what happens to people when their priorities are wrapped up in mind, body or will.

How many “successful” people in the OUTSIDE world collapse on the INSIDE world? If we are not connected to God then our satisfaction is ALWAYS temporary. But connected to God means that regardless of what comes you can say with David “Bless the Lord o my SOUL and ALL that is within me”.

What is in you? Do you allow the soul to bless the Lord therefore bringing body, will and mind into subjection to God alone?