The keeper of my soul #3

We awoke today to no water in our house. All other buildings had water. Tim worked through the afternoon to replace the tank.

A team from Colliersville, Tn arrived so they will help with Christmas.

We have finally decided upon the site for the hospital. I will have new block-layers here this week to help finish the visitor’s dorm & in 2 weeks begin the hospital foundation.


As I have shared I am wanting to become more of the keeper of my soul. My inner man is vastly more important than my outer man. In fact this outer man, body, will eventually fail me. My body is what you see and that outer man is all about what I do. The work I am engaged in, my marriage, my failures and successes. Do you realize how much this outer man has changed since it was a teenager in Bunkie, Louisiana with the only real success I can remember was that I was voted by my senior class as the boy with the best legs?

But the inner man is where I really live. The inner man is where I think, dream, hope and it is there in the inner man I met God. Now after our meeting it is the inner man who studies, learns, hungers and desires to obey.

There was a movie man on a true story of World War II. The star was Tom Hanks and it was titled “Saving Private Ryan”. Two brothers were killed in battle and the US Army did not want their mother to lose all three of her sons. So they had a group of soldiers go deep into Germany to find private Ryan. They all were killed but as Hanks was dying he told Ryan “Make sure you live to show the death of all these men for you ws worth it”.

At Arlington cemetery many years later at the burial of a friend the by now elderly Ryan looks to his wife and says “I hope I lived a life that made it worthwhile for those who died saving me”.

All of us should ask ourselves the same question. Has our life made a difference? Were we worthwhile?

As I am struggling with the pressures I am undergoing since returning to Guatemala I must look at the inner and not the outer man. If my inner man stays healthy there are no outer circumstances that can harm me.