The keeper of my soul #10


Balloon game with dialysis children
Balloon game with dialysis children


Dottie and Josue' with a papaya
Dottie and Josue’ with a papaya

Josue’ will be going to Honduras and El Salvador to train and assist in Telemedicine as the Georgia team desires to reach into all of Central America.

The college girls had a birthday party for the dialysis children although none had a birthday today.

Andreas’s brother came for us to plan the wedding meal for November 1st.


Have you ever watched bull-riding? As a teen I tried it on our farm (Grandfather) in my home town. I was thrown nearly every time. The only times I stayed on was when I could stay in the center of gravity. If you loose your center you get thrown. Nothing demonstrates my victories and failures in life as much as the center of gravity.

It is not the center of gravity but actually the center of my soul. Life never stays level. I wish it did but the bull is still trying to throw me. The bull is my mind, will and body. Those three are always attempting to take center stage in my life and push my soul off to the side. If I cannot regain my CENTER then I will fail.

Yesterday 50% of all football teams in the United States whether college or high school or any other league won and 50% lost. That is life. I tell my son never to gloat when LSU wins because NO ONE wins every game every year. Life is not that easy. It is a constant regrouping. Players come and players go. Nothing stays the same.

Paul said it this way “When I was a child I thought like a child, etc. but when I became an adult I thought like an adult”. Life would be so much easier if I could return to the farm. At least I knew what the bull is thinking.

When the Bible said that “Adam and Eve walked with God” you do realize God has no legs. “To walk with God” means simply people in love walk together such as a husband/wife or child/parent and other examples. My “BALANCE” rest in my should hungering and thirsting for the things of God.