Mayor Ruben who is a dear friend and taught in our high school for 4 years.
Mayor Ruben who is a dear friend and taught in our high school for 4 years.


Both Tim & I are down in the back. My blood pressure has gone from sky high to where it i tying at 107/60.

We are working on Christmas and I am grateful for the children who lie with Dottie and me because they are helping us so much.


All of us are prone to wander – in our thoughts and also our actions. But you can take definite steps to avoid sexual sins.

1. Guard your mind.

Don’t read books, look at pictures, or encourage fantasies that stimulate the wrong desires. Be careful what websites you visit. We live in an age where profanity is repent – it takes effort to guard your mind.

2. Keep away from settings and friends that tempt you to sin.

You know better than anyone else when and where you are tempted. Stay away from those places. If you know that certain places or people are a bad influence – stay away from them.

3. Don’t think only of the moment — focus on the future.

Today’s thrill may lead to tomorrow’s ruin.

4. Don’t think you are above temptation.

Years ago two famous ministers fell in front of the entire world. One even went to prison and the other was caught with a prostitute. Someone came to me and they were irate at what had occurred and said “How could they do that? I would never do that! I cannot believe I gave money to both their ministries.”   Here is my answer:

I do not know what I would do in their situation. I never had the chance to embezzle millions of dollars. And until I face their temptations I do not know what I would do. I know what I hope I would do. But the truth is until you are fced with the same temptation you will never know what you will do.

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