Satan still tempts old folks! #1

Kitchen for the hospital
Kitchen for the hospital


Melvin went with us to buy Christmas gifts.

We also receive a news boy, 16 years old.

We hired more block layers as we are revving up with two construction projects going on.


Satan will tempt you to have A CRITICAL SPIRIT.      It appears to me my patience gets shorter as I age. I also seem o complain more. But criticism is just a way pif getting attention and reminding folks that we were at one time very important.

The second way the devil tempts us is with SPIRITUAL RETIREMENT. I remember the first church I pastored a woman in her 60s came to me and said “I am so glad you are here because now I can retire from VBS.  The most frequent question I get from the children and from visitors to Casa as well as from folks when I am in the states is “When are you and Dottie going to retire?” The truth is we will never retire. But Satan knows that older Christians have wisdom that needs to be shared with the younger generation. Much reference is made in the Bible that older folks are to instruct younger folks.

The third way Satan tempts elderly folks is with  AN INCLINATION TOWARDS INFLEXIBILITY. No generation in history has experienced as many dramatic changes as our elderly. Can you image that when I was in college there were still only 3 major TV channels–ABC, CBS and NBC. There were no computers nor cell phones or satellites. Malls were a rarity.  No McDonalds nor other fast food restaurants. There was one NFL game on Sundays and maybe 3 college football games on Saturday. The list is incredible and so for us older folks it can be a real moment of instability.

For me I get offers almost daily to “join” Facebook or being “friends” with someone. Yet NEVER have I even read a Facebook page.

Tomorrow there is more!