Do not be a fool

The newly weds
The newly weds


Saturday I took 10 boys to buy clothes who had ‘perfect’ behavior while I was in the states so today we took 23 girls.

Today is a national holiday so our older children are filling in for the paid staff.


Solomon asked for wisdom and God blessed him as the wisest man on earth. But he soon began to disobey the commandments of the Lord and fell into a pit of sin from which he would never recover. Because of him the 12 tribes wold split into two kingdoms and both would go into captivity. Israel and the world would never b the same.

Background:  I Kings 11:5 “Solomon followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidoians and Molech the detestable god of the Ammonites”. These gods were worshipped with sex acts. Solomon PARTICIPATED in immoral detestable sexual actions. This led him to get totally out of touch with the his faith. After committing these sex sins he concurred other nations and accepted their gods as his own.

It would be like David Jeremiah, Charles Stanley  or some other great man of God going to battle in Iraq and returning as Moslems.  What happened to Solomon is what is happening today. Christians believe that the Bible and the Gospel is out of touch with today.

Of course, his sin would lead his nation into sin also. Sin is yeast! A little bit will cause many results of increase and in this case it would be disastrous for Israel even until this day. Recently even the Catholic Church announced they are reconsidering their position on homosexuality and divorce.

Can you image where this nation is headed? Ameica is heading for a train wreck!