Decisions #13


Dottie & arrived home at noon & Tim picked us up. As soon as we arrived we went to see the refurbishing of the dorm for visitors.

As I had thought when I returned there were 3 negative events that had occurred. The worst being with a judge. We so desperately need a couple for Estrellitas, 20 little girls ages 8-10. pray that the Lord would send us a mother & father for them.

Sharon will leave in November but Chad & Abby will arrive on November 6th so we all are excited about their arrival & sorry to see Sharon leave.


I have known some excellent athletes in my life but the majority of them never reached the summit in their sport. They simply stopped short. Andrews says “An athlete does not enjoy the pain of training…he enjoys the results of having trained”. That would not be a bad mantra for any of us.

It is not the labor itself that we will enjoy but the rewards associated with having been diligent in our labor as a child of God. I heard a minister say that God feeds the birds but he does not throw the food into their nests. And that is true because birds must work for what God provides. Christians should be the same. God has provided all that we need but we must labor at what He has called us to do.

An old friend of ours, Pam, lost her day care in Hurricane Rita. It appeared she would not be able to rebuild and yet she cried out to God “Is this it? Are you finished with me? I want to do more.” Soon God provided the building and the day care is blessing Lake Charles. As long as we are breathing God is not finished with us. His purpose for our lives knows no retirement date. He uses us to the last breath if we allow Him to.