Decisions #12

Sara on the left and Rosario who jumped on me & ...well the rest is back pain history.
Sara on the left and Rosario who jumped on me & …well the rest is back pain history.

Anthony had his second surgery on the varicose veins in his throat.

We leave the motel at 4am for our flight to Guatemala. We arrive back at Casa around 1 pm and we are ready. To tell you that I am tired would be an understatement but I am so blessed that the pain is hardly noticeable. I feel as if I will fly home on a cloud.


Why is it that some folks who are faced with difficulties just QUIT while others with the same difficulties or even more difficulties PERSIST? What guides your life? Does fear determine your decisions or does faith determine your decisions? If you allow fear to control you the only reward you will have is ore fear but if you let faith determine your decisions your rewards will be beyond measure and actually beyond this lifetime.

Emerson wrote “Always do what you are afraid of”.  When I took my children across the border in 1989 I was afraid. I was no giant of faith. Over the years I have experienced many times of fear. Just a few examples would be:

1. Taking nearly 40 children when I only had finances for 20.                                                                                                                             2. Building a school and attempting to provide a range of education from kindergarten through 8th grade the first year.                3. Going into court to face judges who did not appreciate Americans and ho ridiculed my poor Spanish                                                  4. Telling the court when a child died                                                                                                                                                                         5. Building dorm after dorm and wondering if God would fill them                                                                                                                    6. Accepting the children with kidney failure                                                                                                                                                              7. Fearing sponsors or supporters would blame me for the poor decisions or behavior of the children                                                  8. Fearing that people in the states would believe the gossip or the negative criticism towards Dottie and me                                        9. The list continues and stepping into the construction of a hospital and the acceptance of dozens of critically ill children…….

But if we do not face our fears we will never see the miracles.