What do you see? #9

Everyone has a puppy
Everyone has a puppy


Keiser has returned from the hospital but cannot do peritoneal dialysis. He will have to have hemodialysis.

We have a change for Sunday, September 21st. Hot Springs is cancelled and we will be at 7 Mile Post Road Church of Christ in Athens, Alabama at 9am and 10am. Also First Baptist in Bayou la Batre has been cancelled on Sunday evening September 14th and we now will be at Bayou la Batre’ Church of God in Irvington, Alabama at 6pm.

We had our son and our grandchildren over for supper. Also one of our kids who was adopted, Calixto, came to show me his report card in high school and he had 4 A’s, a B and a C so we are very proud of him.


I was educated in Catholic schools from kindergarten through 8th grade. The nuns were not only good teachers they were strict, strict and when they were not strict they were more strict. Stick! Stricter! Strictest! But when I left for high school I was so under control academically that the strictness I had learned took me through high school, a Bachelor degree, a Master’s degree and eventually a Doctorate although I was not smart or a top student at any level of my education.

BUT I WAS DISCIPLINED TO MY CORE! Quitting or giving up would never be a part of my vocabulary. All of us have some good things in our hearts and all of us also have bad things in our hearts. I do not like everything that has been in my heart. I want to change those rings in my heart that God does not like. I pray He will change me and He says “No”. ┬áHe tells me “You BRING FORTH what is good by renewing your mind.

Do you realize that God does not have any money? If He did what would He have? Would it be American dollars, German marcs, French francs or Russian rubles? I doubt if it would be Mexican pesos or Guatemalan quetzals. He has no money. So why would I ask God for money? if you ask me for a million dollars that would be laughable. I do not have that kind of money. Neither does God!

However, God has the ability to give me wisdom in the area of prosperity. That should be my prayer. “Hey God give me $1000” is a ridiculous prayer but “Father show me, teach me, help me to become prosperous. Teach me Thy ways”.

God will and has answered that prayer! It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to care for over 400 children here at Casa. I entered Guatemala in 1989 with $2000 and today my bank account is not much above that amount. In 25 years millions of dollars have flowed to Casa to educate, feed, treat medically, pay utilities and build buildings and etc. God has a plan for financial prosperity and that is what you pray for. Not “Give me” but “Show me”.

Tithing, giving above the tithe, giving to the poor, using money wisely and unselfishly are just some of the wisdom ideas from God. Are those things in your heart? Can you BRING FORTH prosperity?